By Donna
<Business Class>

These are the ONLY current options available at the moment:

Full Heroic BFD Sales - 1.0M Sargeras Gold

AOTC Jaina - 500,000 Sargeras Gold

(prices and options are subject to change and negotiable to an extent):


1. Heroic BFD Sales runs will start every Monday at 7:00 PM Server. ( 8:00PM EST ) Please be on 15 minutes prior.

2. Personal Loot : Our raiders may or may not be saved for loot, if our raiders get any drops, the items will be up for rolls against other buyers, if they are not needed by our raiders.

3. We request a 20% non-refundable deposit to book your spot. Deposits are only refundable if we have to cancel the run or if there is server instability. If a true emergency arises we will try our best to reschedule your run, please be aware that you must give notification to one of our officers ahead of time.

4. We will not need your help on any of the encounters. You can participate if you would like to, however, on some encounters we will ask you to tag the boss and die. This is to guarantee we have full control of the encounter. We also ask you not to hero or taunt during the run.

5. Discord will not be required for voice communication for full carry runs. We ask that you respond to the Sales Contact that you understand any instructions given. Usually we ask carries to find a way to end their lives early in the encounter, even if they know the fights.

6. Cross-realm buyers are accepted. Sargeras Alliance gold only.

7. One shotting bosses is not guaranteed, however we do our best to provide excellent services by also keeping it fun and entertaining to all :)

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact Donna (donnaqt#1158) or Rowin (Rowin#1764)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Business Class

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